Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Daddy Dolls

We started Daddy Dolls after witnessing first hand how hard military deployments were on our children. With both of our husbands being Marines and both having been deployed twice in less than two years, the absence of daddy was beginning to take its toll on our own children as well as those of dear friends. We wanted to find some way to make the separation easier for our sons and daughters while keeping their fathers close to their hearts and in their prayers. With our determination to bridge the gap and Aunt Mary's creativity, Daddy Dolls were born!

After seeing the amazing response from our own children, we realized that there were many children out there, not just military, that could use a doll of that special someone that was far away. Our children not only play with their Daddy Dolls, but also rely on them for strength during trying times like doctor's visits or when they need an "owie" kissed. Sometimes only that distant loved one will do! They have also become a part of story time and grocery shopping. You never know where that Hug A Hero™ Doll might want to go! We hope the dolls touch your lives as much as they have ours.

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