Monday, January 07, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action

Picked up Scene It?: the movie trivia game for the 360 today. it comes with /4/ controllers special to the game itself. ive heard that there will be tons of downloadable content for it in the future and from what \ have heard it is selling very well so that is good news.

my 4000 xbox marketplace points also came in the mail today. Gonna [gotta] ppick up the new halo 3 levels somehow. I also read on Gizmodo that because of the down time on x/b/ox live over the xmas break, every live subscriber should recive one free arcade game of their choice. I'll post when that comes to be so no one misses it. Jaime is playing Pirates of the Carr. right now and is farther in the game than I AM! so this gives me ample time to talk.

Also dont forget that monday is half off burger nite at Bonnie's, you know?

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