Thursday, February 28, 2008

Internet Freedom Preservation Act

Comcast Corp. was caught stacking an FCC hearing with paid (and apparently sleepy) seat-fillers. The hearing was set up to investigate Comcast's recent blocking of the Internet. But Comcast packed the room so that the public couldn't get in to voice their support for Net Neutrality. Comcast is blocking the public debate just like it is blocking the Internet: it wields its substantial political and financial power to shut out debate and shut up people. Comcast paid people to fill space who were so uninterested in the issue that they took the opportunity to nap. Meanwhile, more than a hundred people with legitimate concerns were left out in the Boston cold. For too long, media policymaking has been rigged against us. By taking action, we're sending a wakeup call to phone and cable lobbyists that they will no longer set the agenda.

Whether it's on the Internet or at public hearings, we will stand up for everyone's right to connect and be heard.

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