Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Great eBay suspender-off of 2008 Part II

So d-:fizzlebottom a.k.a. shasta flake magic snacker a.k.a. stephan stretchmark & I were having a suspender off on eBay recently and mine sold for quite a bit more. long story short the guy in this photo sends me a picture of himself wearing the suspenders i sold him. He's requested that paypal refunds his money because he thinks the suspenders don't fit. God Bless America for the internet and online auction sites. God Bless the founding fathers for letting me have the right to show my side of the story to America. Thanks America. Even though your recession tickles me sad. I have faith in you and your internets.

Rock on Chicago.

And thank you Batman and Joker suspenders. You gave me another paragraph in the yogurt of life we call technosexualitydom.

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