Monday, October 20, 2008


I have taken to online to encourage anyone who is voting for a third party to please reconsider for the sake of common decency. Our country is at a low-point for many, even those who are decades older than myself. Never in their history have they seen a country with such turmoil in our foreign relations, economy, standard of living and social securities.
Why is the country in this bad of shape you ask? I will admit both parties have contributed to the mess that exists. We are locked into a two-party system which gives us only two choices. Republicans and Democrats. While business as usual in Washington promotes the self-interests and big dollar decisions, there are two differing philosophies regarding the direction of our country.
Republicans support less government regulation, higher military budgets, privatization in health care, more (christian) religion in government, radical pro-life beliefs, force over diplomacy and an idea in which increasing gains for the rich will let prosperity drip down to the rest of us.
Democrats support more regulation and government intervention, a restructuring of military budgets, free health care for those who need it, less religious rhetoric, diplomacy over force and an idea which will spread wealth around this country by increasing taxes on the rich and cutting taxes for the poor.
The Republicans have had majority control for the past 8 years in Washington. Yes, the Democrats have had control of Congress for the past two, but lets not forget what they walked into in 2006. The mess of the past six years of a botched presidency and greed of George W. Bush, his decision to invade Iraq, his ignorance when dealing with foreign leaders and issues and his kindergarten understanding of our economy.
If we were as citizens categorically lumped up into two sects of Conservative and Liberal, most third-party followers would be placed into the "Liberal" category opposite George W. Bush. When you vote for a third-party, you are surely not taking away a vote for a Republican. You are most likely taking a vote away from the Democrat, a candidate that would most likely give you the best chance at a third party succeeding in the future.
I understand the importance of a third, fourth or fifth party in politics to preserve what makes this nation great. At this time though, we cannot afford to take a vote away from tipping the scale to a new direction. A third party will NEVER succeed until the Democrats have had majority control for many years. Most new-age third party ideals are based from the principles of the Democratic party, not the GOP. Ideas such as diplomacy, clean energy, energy independence, program reform, shared responsibility and prosperity.
A third party would need to build a strong foundation in order to compete with the two parties in control now. No third parties can seem to agree on a platform to run upon, with major candidates switching party every 4 years once a disagreement arises. Financially, third parties are also incapable at competing with Republicans and Democrats. With no solid principles, candidates or platforms third party candidates jeopardize presidential tight elections by allowing the Republicans to win with no opposition from any "conservative" third party. Vote Obama/Biden 2008. Let's begin to point this country in a direction that will accept a third party in the future. True evolution.
We cannot run before we learn to walk.
We cannot warm before we light the fire.
We cannot drink before we find water.

[from the pages of Lab-Riot]

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