Friday, November 21, 2008

They Day the Whole World Went Away...

Well, Jaime and I have parted ways... My heart has been shattered into 21,000 tiny un-glueable pieces... I love(d)her more than any person on this planet. She will always be my true first love. My door is always open to you, never forget that.

Flowers grow in the springtime and leaves fall from the trees
I've been GONE for so long, you just threw away the keys
I understand it, but I don't want it

I know it so well, you tripped me and I laughed when you fell
This isn't how it should be
I've let you drift so far, from me

But please hold onto the memories
Before we really crash and burn
We've got ourselves so wrapped up that we've forgotten how to learn
I understand it, but I don't want it... (ween)

Pete®  Digital Artist

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