Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Future is Now...

My brother and I re-arranged the toy dinosaur section in Goodwill over to the nativity sets. Stegosaurus fits pretty well in this snowy scene. I especially love the cross in the background. Ahhh, conflicting views. Never forget, dinosaurs really existed.

These cartoon eyes are really on my dog. Really. I had about .3 seconds to snap this pik and it couldn't have come out better.

In the end, I did feel bad for putting them on her, but come-on... she knew it would be worth it.

...and the web master scampers off to take a break from the web mines. When I was a kid we used to suck on pennies. True story.

And last but not least, this is the prototype senior pik that I am working on for my brother. He baked that damn pie himself and it was delicious to boot.

I'm sure he will have the best senior pik by far and saved the most money... lol.

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JWL said...

...and the web master scampers off...

hahaha! priceless.