Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Little Change...

This is the film I helped work on for the east lansing film festival 48/5 competition (make a five minute film in 48 hours using the three rules). JM Barnett and his crew allowed me to come onto this project and help for the weekend. I and two of his friends went out to shoot the infomercial for the hair dye. As a mostly outside observer (as I only knew one crew member), I'd have to say that these guys really have their shit together and I was more than proud to be working with them. I have been doing things like this for almost a decade now and Fight Song is at the top. That's not a plug, I just really believe they have what it takes. In the end we took 1st place and were more than excited because we beat out Ahptic, a rather large film production studio in Lansing. Rumor has it that this is the first film of Fight Song's that isn't about D-Bags or homo's...

Rules ----
Prop: box of hair dye
Location: a bakery
Line of dialogue: "I've lost my mitten"

Here's a link to their Youtube page so you can check out what else they have done.


Zak Schlemmer said...

Very nice work!

Estrella Bella said...

Ahh! Crazy to stumble upon this-
I'm Danielle (mitten) and although I never got a chance to meet you (I don't think, atleast- that weekend was so busy and crazy) I wanted to congratulate you on the infomercial portion- it definitely made the movie AMAZING. I'd like to believe we really deserved our win :)

- DS