Friday, January 30, 2009

TrainMaster makes it onto

Union Pacific put out a press release today about how computer software has been designed (by us) to teach new employees how to maneuver locomotives in rail yards, operate switches and sort rail cars. The first article was put out by Progressive Railroading and it can be read here . The second article is on, one of the biggest video game sites on the internet. Unfortunately, they don't mention us or PI, but Union Pacific is the one who paid for it so technically... So, today, I (we) are have been recognized in the video game industry. For me, that is a first in a long line of being tied to the industry. Pete +1, World +0. That article can be read here.  The attached image is the Hump Building I made for TrainMaster. One of 100's of buildings and scenery objects that I have made... 

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