Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Bad Actor and His Pie Face...

How, I ask you how did I sleep for 12 hours last night? Found out today that my Wacom actually shipped after 2 weeks and is on its way, thanks the stars. Besides the entire loss of my music collection through HDD failure, my PC keeps BSODing. I think I've nailed it down to the video card. I can't wait to upgrade to W7 and blow my mind with 64 gigs of ram POWER! Golden Chariots away!

p.s. how's that pie taste, jerk.

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Zak Schlemmer said...

Microsoft was handing out free versions of win7; a 32&64 bit version for each person. Everyone in my house got their 2 copies. We've been using it on the living room TV for about 3 months, and on one of the main workstations for about 2. I really like it. Make sure to grab your copies for free if you still can!