Friday, July 17, 2009

BarTor torrent app comes out of beta...

BarTor, the app that was formerly know as ScanTorrent has come out of beta and is officially available in the Android Market. Like we mentioned a few weeks back, ScanTorrent BarTor is a torrent application that will use the camera on the G1 to scan a barcode and identify a product. Once identified, the app will then find a torrent file that matches the item description.
The app, which has been renamed also has some new features that include;
uTorrent & Vuse support
Load By URL, Load By File
KTorrent - PHP and HTML Interfaces
Sort By Publish Date or By Seeds and Leechers (Default)
Failed Submissions to the Client are retried automatically at application open and exit.
Choose maximum number of Torrent Search results (25 [Default], 50, 100, 250)
Also in addition to searching for torrent files, the BarTor app does have a legal and legitimate purpose as it will also offer results that offer alternative locations to purchase the item you are looking up. In other words, BarTor can be used to find and download torrent files, or simply to try and save a few bucks on your purchase.
The BarTor application can be purchased for $2.99.
[via android and me]

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