Saturday, November 07, 2009

1989 was a good year for Ice Race Officials...

...Its weird when you pull up along side someone in your car and they are in their car and they pretend to be searching for something, nothing really... but just avoid human interaction. Also when people are stuffing their faces in the drivers seat, when I roll up along side, they stop chewing like I didnt notice. People, you are strange.

I tapped into Google Wave today but I am the only one on there besides an old high school friend who now works for Id Software (he gave me the invite). It seems to be a really promising mash up of IMs, email and photo sharing... more to come on that when everyone gets hooked up to it.

Just got my 10th issue of the clintonville chronicle with my cartoon in it. Glad that is still going strong and its great to be able to say whatever I want. Who knows if people read it, I cant run Analytics on it, although that would be nice.

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