Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Avalon featuring the Wunderland...

Went downtown to the Avalon today. It features the Wunderland... a nickel arcade with skee ball and many many video games. We spent about two hours in there and in the end only spent about $8. Really sweet place. I hear that there is another one deeper in town that they serve beer at.

First we stopped off at Hoda's Middle Eastern Cuisine. Had some fabulous grape leaves and a few glasses of crystal clear pepsi (not really). After wards we meet up with Emerson and Jammie and a few of their friends. Then off to the nickel arcade. After about two hours of playing, I had just over 400 tickets to buy stupid stuff with. I got a paddle ball, 3 foam airplanes, 4 keychains including two rubber duckies, a pony and a skull. then I ended it with a box of pop snaps. Sweet, good old fashioned fun. Cheers.

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