Monday, April 26, 2010

Sushi On A Conveyor Belt...

Yesterday while driving around, we saw a Deloreon going down the road. That was pretty sweet. It was also my first day off in 16 days, we barbecued chicken, burgers, dogs, shish kebab and pulled pork. It was quite extravagant. Today I went and saw a sweet house(boat) for sale on Marina Dr. That was awesome. How great to wake up every morning on the lake.

Afterward, it was Emmersons birthday so we all met up at The Ship Tavern, had a quick drink and headed over to Sushi Hana.

Sushi Hana is a conveyor belt style restaurant. Everyone sits around the bar and sushi passes by you. Bonus, it was Happy Hour so everything was $1.50 a plate.

All the chefs in the center

Never ending SUSHI!

 Sushi Hana was in a strip mall sort of deal and down the way was this store, HAM RADIO OUTLET. Lol.

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Unknown said...

are there so many ham radio stores there that you need an outlet store to supply all of your ham radio needs