Friday, May 07, 2010

It Was 80's Night For Me...

Last night I headed downtown to Half/Dozen Gallery to see Fliperama Rhapsody. This exhibition transforms the space into a faux arcade full of blinking lights, functional and non-functional arcade machines, a video installation and fog billowing from unseen corners. It was somewhat boring, being that Ground Kontrol is right around the corner.I also stopped in here because they have over 90 arcade games from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. Original cabinets, original gameplay and original quarter slots. This was just a pit stop though because my ultimate goal was to get to Mt. Tabor Theater...

7th Planet Picture Show was showing a copy of Garbage Pail Kids the Movie.

7th Planet Picture Show is an MST3K-inspired live celebration of cinematic camp, taking place twice a month at the Mt. Tabor Theater in Portland, Oregon. Will Radik and 2 or more hardened camp cinema veterans will face down some of the most ridiculous, awkward, and tasteless films born unto this pitiless earth, with only microphones (and probably alcohol). Audience members are not only allowed but encouraged to shout at the movie themselves and leave their cell phones on. (from:

Other than that I work all weekend long. Last week at work this 50 + lady was buying a Baby Ruth. She then procceeded to tell me that after this, she was going to her 16 year old nephews birthday / pool party. The Baby Ruth was being purchased because she was going to throw it in the pool like it was a turd. Awesome lady, kudos to you.

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