Friday, May 28, 2010

My First Last Thursday...

Mel, Colleen, Matt and I attended Last Thursday last night on Alberta St.. It's about 15 city blocks longs and its filled with food carts, art vendors and musicians. There's also a bunch of street performers (flame jugglers, bicyclists, dancers, tall bike jousting, people being human and general weirdness). And lots of homemade hats, shoes and photography. We stopped off and had a DOMODOG, which was a Japanese influenced hot dog. It was tasty... What I love about this place is you never know what you will find and it seems to be an endless street of locals peddling their goods. Alberta turns into one big party for Last Thursday and it goes on for blocks and blocks and blocks. Next time we will have to go much much earlier to enjoy more of LAST THURSDAY.

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