Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've Done A Lot, Some Time Has Passed...

       This will be a huge post, I have tons of video and images to show...

  Its been six months since I left Michigan. Last Thursday, we went to Last Thursday. This time, there were tons of art, artists, musicians and general hoo-haw to keep your eyes content for 3 hours. Here we have a Xylophone band.

  Here we have three little girls playing some tiny little instruments. There were plenty of oh's and aah's among the audience.

  This guy was painting solar scapes with spray paint. Whooin the crowd. 

  This broke fellow was playing the Hurdy Gurdy. He was fairly good at it and demanded money based on the rude fact that his instrument was rare and old and from the Renaissance or something like that.

  I bought this for a dollar. Its pretty big for what I paid for it. It now guides my car.

This here is the band of Xylophones.

And this is the marching band, MARCH FOURTH... they came down the street at about 8pm.

  Friday, Tim and I went to Nicholas Restaurant on Grand and had some great Middle Eastern food. Look at the size of the bread they bring you to start of with ... It was as big as a Jumbo pizza from somewhere...

  Then on Saturday, Mel and her friend Dan and I went over to Lincoln St. because they were having a Block Party... Tap Water would be playing later in the evening so we headed over to her friend Erin's house to play in the pool.

We headed over to see Tap Water play just before dark. The block party was a blast and around 11pm the cops shut it down. We headed over to the Triple Nickel for a bit... 

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