Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slap some Graphics on a piece of Steel...

Got a little piccy of a sticker I designed for this here pump. The gits over @lazerquick did a nice job. Captain J, Miss Brubble... kudos. Together we made raw iron pretty.

So I applied for this freelance gig today, routine maintenence on some billboard co. website. Instead of a formal "i'm fuckin applying" email, I sent a haiku, with the subject of "Haiku's get people hired, right?" And this twat sends me back a reply of "Who the hell is Haiku and what does it have to do with web design?" ...


I thought you said you gave Mary  Jane a pearl necklace?
Obviously you missed the point of that story Brian. 

I just sent him an email back saying "Haiku's aren't people silly."

I don't think he'll email me back.

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