Monday, January 17, 2011


Took a little ride (for fresh air*) today and zoomed down historic route 30. The rivers been really high lately because word is, the weathers unseasonably warm, so the mountain, she leaks and weeps. Flooding these valleys and creeks. Anyway, we hoisted sails and set starboard. Saw some great waterfalls and scenic panoramas ... eye candy. All those heights were good for the sinuses. Made a short journey out of it. Came back to finish up some touch-ups on the home page, check it out. I set up an RSS feed on my main page, integrating blogger. Looks and works really nice. Feedburner and Buzzboost, two sweet programs. And back to the overhead office nice face pants life tomorrow. Cheers.

Wanna see some more image, you sure do... head over here you beast of the internets.

*I was sick all weekend, cooped up inside.

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