Thursday, January 20, 2011


Yesterday: Went to the NW Food Expo @ the Oregon convention center. Wandered around until the show ended, which was in a mere 2 hours. I spent my time wandering, talking to salesmen and stealing brochures for design inspiration / homageington. Some of the salesmen are interested that I'm into design and we talked about how they designed the brochures or websites or how they needed a new trade show booth designed. Some Pump Frumpingtons don't give a shit that I'm there...  Last week I saw some skragly looking lady on the side of the road with some free garbage. I stopped by to see what she had. It was mostly trash and some brick a brack.

But these ceramic tiles, caught my eye. One was sparkle boat paint blue and the other was a green orange tan. I also scored a few other random items to work on. Also have a nice Polaroid project in the works. Memories Under Protectiveness: The Capital St. Years

...more to come...

above ^^
Poly and Tile - Series 1

  • Rainbow Connection & the Haunted Amusment Park
  • Badly Drawn Bert

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