Saturday, July 09, 2011

When Twelve to One is One-Hundred and Twenty Something ...

Started the day off by going to the Mississippi St. Fair up in NoPo. Walked that beast of a clusterfuck, got some great VENEZUELAN EATS and headed out. Made our way EAST to THRIFT. Picked up this great SHEL SILVERSTEIN book and a pair of BOSE SHELF SPEAKERS for less than ten bucks! ~~
Thought this STICKER on the back of some random alarm clock was great. ~~ Ended the day with some great PHO` @ some new place down on 82nd near a TJ MAXX. Great broth and they used cilantro instead on the regular basil. Their iced coffee was super strong and badass. Tim and I have been trying to hit up a different PHO` joint each time we go and get it. I have been discreetly keeping track of where were have been ... I have heard that there is one PHO` joint for every 12 VIETNAMESE persons. That's a rad fact if it's true. Good, sunshiny day.