Sunday, February 05, 2012

Hertzfeldt, Du's & VooDoo: What Did you do?

 Saturday night we went and saw DON HERTZFELDT at the Hollywood Theater. He showed his new film which was the third in a trilogy. Everything Will Be OK. It was great. Afterwards, he did a Q&A. Evening well spent. #hertzfeldt
 Saw this great random art exhibit downtown. Cool work here. Thick lines. Mojo fucking jojo. There were a handful of Tick characters as well. #thetickwastits
Trounced downtown Saturday morning for a healthy dose of Apple Fritter from VOODOO Doughnut. Bastard stuck with me all day. Even after an amazing dinner of Du's Grill. Ol' Dan had never been ... teriyaki pork. Poppyseed salad. Karate kick high fives of death. #comayaki

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