Sunday, April 01, 2012

Megafaun, Sandy Hut and the English Spy ...

Went and saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy today. It was good. My favorite part was that the leader was nicknamed Control. One of the best nicknames ever. Reminded me of Burroughs Ah Pook you greedy American death sucker. Earlier in the week, we met at the Sandy Hut for shuffleboard and Tim's birthday. 34, the old fucker. Maker's Mark and sandy shuffles.

Hopped over to the Doug Fir to catch MEGAFAUN. Christ, those dudes love what they do and I love being part of it. They played Isadora. I'm not sure how often this has been in rotation, but it was fucking awesome to see this live. It was rough, I'm not gonna lie... but it was cool. #megafaun

EDIT: It seems to be so rare, I can't find youtube of it anywhere. All I can find is the myspace play button below...


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