Friday, April 27, 2012


Something everyone should be doing. Participating in a random retarded sport that lets you drink-a-drank while you do. The first one is Bocce Ball which seems casual enough.

The second on is Drinks on the Links, which is team Mini-Golf. Oh yeah. Oh fuck yeah. This may, just may be my calling. I'd LOVE to start a team up this year for this. Get drunk, play Mini-golf. Yes.

Drink on the Links is back and there is nothing like it. Portland's first and only Miniature Golf League is here. We place a bar smack dab on the course, bust out the speakers and ipod for some tunes and request that everyone turn regular ole' mini-golf into the five funnest nights of mini-golf you've ever head.

Your team will play 1 round per league night, that's 18 holes. Each week could be a different format (think Best Ball, Money Ball, or Straight Golf) and there will also be various "Prize Holes" throughout the course.

Don't worry, this isn't designed to be for expert putters. Quite the opposite. Oftentimes a hole in two will do just fine.

League begins on July 9th - Teams and Individuals Welcome

Oaks Park - Mondays (Sellwood)

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