Wednesday, December 26, 2012


  Carved art deco bookend from Dan.
 New floormats for the HHR from Dan.
 SPY vs. SPY vinyls. About 1' tall a piece with interchangable hands from Dan. Dope.
 CS Lewis. Out of the silent planet. From parents.
 New books, from the parents.
 A real / fake coffee cup, from parents.
 Grandpa Mclean's old razor, that's still sharp, and has a hand carved case, from dad.
 YOOPER BARS, from charlie and emily.
 Series of gift cards, from Uncle chuck and co.
 Traverse City Film Fest glass from parents.
Hitch mounted bike rack, from parents. Yeap, another xmas, comes and goes. I got out a good 80% of the presents I wanted to. I always seem to fall short and run out of time. Oh well, Merry holidays and all that. Cheers.

copyright 2012

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