Monday, March 24, 2014


FRIDAY: Watched the new RED DAWN movie... it was OK. I gave it 2 Soiled Remakes and a 4 Wet Toupees. Met some new friends that came in from SALEM this weekend. Took them to MONTAGE for alligator, crayfish hush puppies, and frog legs... Love that MONTAGE. Then we jerked about for a bit, and ended up at ROBO TACO for a late night street taco. Pretty good...

SAT: Had the chance to see a rare 35mm print of SPIRITED AWAY, in its native language with subtitles. THAT was the shit. It had all the blips and burns and film skips that make a rare 35mm print so worth it. Finished the night with some conveyor belt sushi and caught up on CHECK IT OUT. That show is off the hook this season.

SUN: Sunday was GORGEOUS outside. Walked down to MONTAVILLA to the BIPARTISAN CAFE to use a gift card I have been sitting on for quite some time. First time there, that place was nice. I give 1 hippie protest, and three my-body-my-rules with a dash of i don't belong in here, but your sammiches are pretty tasty. Seriously, nice place, super busy ... but when I handed the waitress my gift card, she sort of scoffed at it and was smug about it... Odd, man-hater sort of attitude. And that's cool. Funny how people want things equal, but don't act that way towards everyone ... odd. Odd.

While in there though, I saw an advert that LABYRINTH was playing, so we jetted over to LAURELHURST to catch a viewing of David Bowie's package and sparkles... I had never seen it in the theater, so that was cool ... Ended the day with a BBQ and some corn hole. Great day.

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