Sunday, April 20, 2014


Slow week. Everyone at work was in Atlanta for most of the week. I got a refund on my Modest Mouse tickets, cause we'll be heading to Marquette for charlies graduation. that was great, cause I thought I was hosed on that issue. Friday, Pink Elephant and I went to The Corner bar for some celebrations and libations. Then sunday, we hit up record store day. I got The Sunset Tree / Mountain Goat's 2005 LP and Black Prairies new LP.

Then Trom, Kendo, M and I went to see Slick Rick. Its was pretty bad. The opening act was really bad, and the DJ was very bad. I give it negative one La Di Da Di and negative 3 eyepatches. WHY THE FUCK CANT HIPHOP SHOWS EVER BE GOOD??? BusDriver was like the only good hiphop act Ive ever seen.

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