Wednesday, September 03, 2014

With Over 30,000 Page Views, I Just Can't Let It Die ...

Months of updates. Since April, Ive:

  • Seen the Mountain Goats
  • Saw an advanced screener of 22 Jump Street
  • Went camping with Tim and Dan in Welches
  • Brought Dan to the Russian Discount Store, he had never been
  • Saw an in-studio performace of Ants In The Kitchen and 106 Oldies station. They fed us dinner from South Pacific that included Jager Pasta with shrimp and pizza rolls
  • Went to the 2013 Gun and Knife show at the Expo Center
  • Went to the Lake Oswego festival of the Arts
  • Grilled some hotdogs
  • Bought a new tent, headlamp and folding saw
  • Went camping in the Tillamook forest
  • Finished the second installment of Wildwood
  • Saw a screening of Lets Be Cops
  • Had the ignition in my HHR replaced as a factory recall
  • Went to the Mississippi St. Fair
  • Discovered Gyro House, the best gyro in the world
  • Saw an advanced screening of Wish I Was There
  • Went to Sand in the City downtown
  • Bought a 3DS
  • My friend Kenny passed away
  • Tubed on the Clackamas, got lost
  • Went to Last Thursday
  • Went camping in Welches
  • Attended a Bday BBQ at Leslies
  • Portland Soapbox Derby was dope
  • Got a huge box of Disney records from Mom
  • Saw David Space and Kevin Farley perform stand-up
  • Went to the Hawthorne St. Fair
  • Portland Lawn Game Olympics happened, and it was a BLAST!
  • Kelli and I went to the Oregon coast and camped for the night, headed over to the Newport Aquarium and saw some Sea Lions.
  • Ive been promoted to AV Director for the secureworld tradeshows. Get to travel a bit now.
  • ... more to come.

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