Monday, March 17, 2008

It finally arrived...

After waiting for what seemed like months, my Motorola F3 arrived in the mail. At first I was puzzled by it and a bit scared but the more i use it and the more i just gawk at it, i am just flabbergasted... it is so simple in design and function yet light years ahead of the RAZR... This phone cost me as much as a new RAZR would under the insurance plan.. so whats to lose?

The F3 is the first mobile phone to use electronic paper in its screen. Motorola uses the term ClearVision to describe the new display, which is manufactured using E Ink's electrophoretic imaging film. The electronic paper main display allows for the phone's thinness (no glass), longer battery life, and outdoor viewability (paper-like reflectivity). It has a backlight for the keypad and a slit that projects the backlight onto the screen so the display can be seen in dark.

The text display contains only two lines of six characters each, making the use of data services and text messaging less practical than on standard LCD displays.

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