Friday, March 14, 2008

Mc Friday and my pants are pants

How can I hide my outdoor methlab while I am away scoring more batteries and cold meds? Along comes Virtual Rocks to save the day.

We went to eat at Cancun Grill the other night, it's one of those restaurants where all the waiters are trained in another state or location and then all shipped to work at one site while all living together. They make an ass load of cash to send back home so their families can live as good as us Americans. This picture comes from the fact that one of the waiters was named Juan #3, as if there were a Juan #2 and a Juan #1 somewhere else in the building.

Brownie Troop 666 is the guitarist from Ween's new blog. Looks like they have some great times when they aren't on stage rocking it.

...and the - a classic among classics. a shock among shockers. a bort among chortlesons...

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