Friday, May 09, 2008


From the blueskythinking department @

Non-President Bush has ruined this country beyond repair. In only 7 years he’s drained our economy, tanked our dollar and started a trillion dollar holy war. Yet people voted for him even though he had NO experience besides sniffing coke off a Texas Rangers baseball bat and killing inmates in Texas.

Still haven’t found his old pal Bin Laden either. They should be hunting terrorists in the Oval Office, not Iraq. But what do the people who voted for him care? They have their dirty money now and they’ll be dead before they have to see the consequences.

Welcome to the end of the old America. The dream the WWII soldier fought for has officially died, stabbed to death by George W. Bush himself. We will soon become a nation of rich and poor, the poor will die off forced into joining the army and dying for some bullshit reason made up by rich old white men.

No medical, dental or optical for the poor. No jobs for people to support themselves with. I can only hope my eyes go first so I don’t have to watch this country kill itself. The strength of a country is measured by the health and well-being of its citizens. We will soon be no better off than India. At least in India, people would be able to find an American job to work at.

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