Thursday, October 23, 2008

We put us here and Now we are where we should be...

Americans have shitty credit habits, forced upon us by the rich and powerful. They keep (some) of us dumb and tell us to rely on credit. Well, that burst and now people are going to have to learn to live within their means. How do we do that on only so much a day?

Let's say you make a bit more than the average minimum wage in the US, then you're making about $8/hr, that's roughly $1,300.00/month. Say the average household has 2 incomes, then that gives us $2,600.00 to work with, that's about $30,000/yr, the first $16,050 are tax free, but they have to pay 15% on the rest: -$2,100.

The make about $28,000/yr or $2,333/mo (notice I only took out Fed tax).

Give me an example of what their budgeting should be, so this family could eat, have a roof over their heads, health and all other basic needs.

$2,333 a month for a whole family. Considering that the average American family is 4 people, then they have a bit less than $800 a month for each family member. They have about $30/day per family member to pay for EVERYTHING they need.

$30/day - Budget this.

also... cash-strapped consumers, you know what's cheaper than baby formula and diapers? Anyone? Anyone have a guess? You in the back? No?

Ok, the answer I was looking for was "birth control". You might want to write that down on your 'vote for Mccain' shopping list.

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