Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Will two take its place...?

Do you think that if you cut off the head, or for that matter even a limb, that the body will die? If you treat it the same way you treat a business, then... each part should, without the aid of help or advertising, grow and prosper into an entirerly new entity, right?. Magically, on its own, with a dash of help of grandma internets... maybe we could land this ship for a second to score some helium to fill our egos full? Also, I have to use the little boy scouts room. You dig? Ohh, look... the employees are all wearing leopard print vest with stretch rimmed pants. Let's take some pictures... no wait, let's have some dude in Georgia take our picture (he has no experience but he's cheap and hasn't stood up to me yet). Instead of confronting my problems, I'm just going to pretend like I know everything. Who cares how many bridges we burn in the process? The rift that is created is unreparable. You, you... just brought upon your own end. Horde away little man. Horde away. Nuclear winter is upon us and you have the largest amount of the smallest nuts. Makes me wonder if cash cow milk is sweeter than average milk? Is it...? Doesn't matter... I have not stopped smiling in 13 days. If I wanted a joke, I would follow you into the bathroom and watch you take a leak.

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