Sunday, December 27, 2009

its basically a drive thru with a view...

Xmas has come and gone much like it does every year. This year [2009] was one of the best Xmas's we have had in a long time. My entire immediate family was able to be together for a solid two weeks this years before i depart. We all got each other smashing gifts, because in our family its truly not about what you get but what you give and as cliche and honky as that sounds it true. I was given to opportunity this year to see many old and dear friends that I am not going to see for a long long time. Thanks to all and hugs to those that I didn't see. I will miss you all but I will not miss this town. There is nothing for me here and there never will be. There is an entire world to explore and millions of people to meet. Leave. Travel. Experience life because its basically a drive thru with a view.

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