Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hot Time, Summer In The City...

Last night we went and saw SPIKE AND MIKES twisted festival of animation. There were some really funny cartoons and a few really bad ones. Overall, it wasn't as good as previous years. One of the cartoons was from some guys who must have worked for ADULT SWIM, as it was produced by TITMOUSE.

I saw this at the grocery store last night. My inner voice said yes, but my hands wouldn't grab it. Good job hands, good job.

First thing this morning I went to the MILK JUG RACES in south PDX. When I showed up one of the races was just starting and I only stuck around for one heat, then I hit the road.

Next I went to THE BINS and found myself a new MARUSHKA. Unbelievable that one would make it as far as OREGON, but there it was, discarded and left alone.

I also found this KURT VONNEGUT JR. book that I have never read. Its a pretty old edition as the cover price was 95 cents. I paid $1.00 for it so it went up a nickel.

I hit up a few other vintage thrift and antique stores, got lost downtown because of construction and then headed over to MISSING LINK TOYS. They are having a moving sale so I picked up a few new DUNNY's. After that I tried to Google something to eat but just ended up going to the grocery store and getting stuff to make subs and fresh salsa.

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