Sunday, February 06, 2011


What a long week. Friday night, after going to Rip Caswells studio, we went to the Side St. Met a few people and headed home somewhat early. //

Saturday, Tim and I set out to the east side of Portland and found some pretty interesting things. I found 3 great glass containers and an awesome brand new easel. After that, we hit up Pho hung. That must have been one of the best bowls of Pho I have ever had, either that or I was really hungry. Then we stumbled upon this amazing, wonderful flea market. A Fantastic Flea Market. Whoa. There will be more trips, multiple trips to this place. More images and posts to come from this beast of a location. Best part was that it was closing for the day so we only saw about 5% of this circus. Ended the night at migration brewing co with camp cascadia. What a great time that was. Saw some amazing people. //

Superbowl Sunday we went to Forrest's and Erin's for the game and cheese. Every one brought some kind of cheese. There were way too many kinds, hard, soft, dippable, string... whatever. Speaking of string, String Summit details have been release. Looks to be a great show again this year. //

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