Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Life is hard, and so am I. You'd better give me something before I die. -E-

 A simple request for a complex people, I want you to tap dance, paint, wrench, turn up the volume, make a pizza, lift weights, play a jazz chord, wear a tophat, listen to Marley, point at a rainbow, wake up on the right side of the bed, pick a coconut, stand in a puddle, pants your brother, go fishing, take a chance, eat a taco, gain some wisdom, revolt against the oppressor, digitize your future, become a better human, glue something, break something, spray paint the word FUCK on something you find beautiful, lay on the pavement, give out 10 high fives a week, pet a dog, say hi, join a club, go to a meeting, be proactive, smile in public, breathe fresh air, have a fleeting moment, hold the hand of a stranger then say your sorry, wave you big hands in the air, lend a hand, record your voice, donate your time, inspire things around you to inspire things around them to inspire things around me again, hear with your ears, listen with your ears, make sounds your friend, make pancakes and homemade ice cream, find good music, see live music, seek out that which piques your curiosity, feed birds, help us first, comedy clubs are your friend, stop using Facebook, fire a gun, kick ass and take no names, applaud as loud as you can, floss, give a shit, invest in Sharpies, watch documentaries, cancel your cable, support independent art, go to a thrift store, watch Chaplin films, learn to weld, play dodge ball, photograph someone who is lonely, always carry confetti, accept, obey except when disobeying, yell something counter decadent, delete lifes ubiquities, plan for the future, drink more coffee, have a sparkler fight (unsafe), part clouds, raise buildings, grow old, find people who are nice ... and most importantly, never ever forget that under any circumstance what so ever you must never ever ever promises last forever that you'll _________.

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