Sunday, March 06, 2011

If You Had Half The Courage This Person Does ...

BLAH! I saw this car outside of the WAYPOST after meeting with the founder of the OREGON CARTOON INSTITUTE. I will be doing a re-work of their main website and side blogs in the near future. They are great people and really dig on the history of Oregon Animation. Big hitters like Bill Plympton, Mel Blanc and Matt Groening are in this category. So this should turn out to be a fun project. Kind of a slow relaxing weekend. Got some work/updates done on ptermclean and idrawsmall // tied some links together, updated some meta tags. Gotta run to IKEA for a surprise for someone, you know... Also have a shitton of packages to mail. Presents people. Maybe you'll get one? There are a lot to go out. When I return, its off to start some preliminary work on getting some links together for the OCI and the MBP. Then maybe some Fallout 3 ... or get some work done in the Tiny Shed?? If time permits. Andrew and Melissa should be arriving sometime soon. March 13th ... looking forward to their arrival and subsequent move to Portland, ORE. Missed THE OATMEAL speaking this weekend. Oh well. Bet it was good. That's one problem here is that there may just be too much going on and I have to pass on things ... good things, hell.. great things.


Unknown said...

Dad and Harold should start a new car-eer. Car-eer, get it?

ptermclean said...

Yes, this would suit them well.