Friday, April 01, 2011

The Last Michigan Cowboy ...

Found this great image / map of MICHIGAN the other night that I thought I should share... along with slacking on this blog, Ive got a back log of projects and things to post. Riding side car to all of this is me, trying to get a raise at work. Kind of dis-hearting when you know you make at least 1/2 as much as other people, and you're (i'm) the one with the talent and college education. Just a mini-rant there. Over. Working on a few new books right now. Just started the insides with fresh bleeds. Mmm, printer funk. Concurrently, with the books, I am building on online eCatalog for technical manuals and datasheets. Hopefully its formation will aid in my raise, as I sort of set out on my own to do this for this company.

I titled this post this ay because I had to repost this from CORE77... Heavy duty leather sewing machines. MAN UP! these are industrial. How else are you supposed to stitch goddamn leather? This is how...Sewing Machines for Cowboys - Core77. The American cowboy has a lot of gear to wrangle, from horse harnesses and saddles to pistol holsters and belts. All of that stuff needs to be tough, which is why leather is the material of choice. And stitching up the thicknesses required calls for a particularly bad-ass machine, one that uses mechanical principles different from the standard needle-pierce sewing machine.

Thus we have the Campbell Lockstitch Sewing Machine, a "needle & awl" machine designed in the 1880s and still in use today (albeit with an electric motor added) to process heavy leather:

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