Saturday, April 02, 2011

Simpson's Color Concept Art ...

Awesome original illustration from DAVID SILVERMAN. Man, what a pivotal and epic episode this was. In case you're never been, its the insanity pepper Simpsons, with Johnny Cash as the Fox and animation skills that were out of this world. Such a fantastic episode. This is a really cool drawing to see and he's got a treasure trove of other cells on there ... neat stuff.

Got to see TRUE ROMANCE last night at the theater. Quentin Tarantino's world starts to surface here with the "Sonny" Shinichi Chiba and the Texas tower sniper references... yeah, great flick. Even better on 35mm. Also, got some super positive feedback from a recent client. They were really impressed with the initial delivery of their new logos. Loose lips sink ships so thats all from that... also just finishing up a thick, zen logo for the oregon rafting team's Whitewater Championship. This one is hot around the vectors. They seem to really like it so I hope to see it on many Tshirts this summer on the Columbia or (insert local body of water here). Cheers to the ORT and such. Weekend on.

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