Monday, November 07, 2011

Chanterelle Hunting on the Oregon Coast - Tillamook, ORE.

 I love the OREGON forest. So many things happening and its constantly changing ... Here I found some strange moss that was black on one side and an off white on the other ... That's Tim there hiking away in the distance.
 Before we even found any Chanterelle, I found this Cauliflower Mushroom. It must have weighed 3lbs easily. I donated it to their household as I wouldn't eat it know what to do with it. I'll have to find out what it tasted like...
So many types of fungus growing here. Its wet and thick and the perfect environment for them.
 Found this gecko sloooooooooooww moving. Must be getting ready to hibernate. I have a video of him just nuzzling into some moss, looking for somewhere to crash. I love this photo...
 Along our hike, we found this killer single person bridge. One big, thick beam to cross the rapids.
 This was the view from on the bridge.
 Tim and I on the bridge.
 Tim found a GEOCATCHE along our mushroom hike! We signed the book, I drew a picture and left some headphones.
... and here was my Chanterelle haul for the day. Almost 1.5lbs. I reduced half of them in butter and made some chicken soup last night. Today, Ill do the rest but Im going to make a pizza. Let me be honest. I hate mushrooms, but Chanterelles are amazing.

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