Friday, January 15, 2010

A disembodiment with a chance of rain...

...It sure does rain here a lot. Not that I wasn't expecting it at all, if anything, I really enjoy it. Cool and relaxing. Congrats to DG for escaping PIE. That place is the worst. No joke. Self centered lying family of Hippocrates and jerks. And that's keeping it clean and nice. I would most defiantly hammer punch their clavicles at any given moment. Again, thank the stars you're out of there. While I myself, search for a place and a job to call my own I am glad other people finally are getting what they deserve, whether good or bad, its all karma in some fashion or another. Today roughly marks two weeks out and I dont see an end of this high. I can and always will make it on my own. A true realist with a pension for truth and salvation. A salvation not of the religious sense, but more like a freedom from the mundane. A disembodiment with a chance of rain.

I added a new section today, items I think are worth viewing, but not worthy of posting, over to the right there...below the robot description. It is a feed from Google reader. If you don't use Google reader, get on that shit and have the internet dumped into your lap. I even taught good ole ma to use it. Peace and prosperity, design or die. P

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Ghost said...

MAN I heart hammer punching clavicles. It's the best. Especially when you're not wearing pants.